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Call me: Professor Sickler

Call me: Professor Sickler

That’s right…I’m a college professor again this coming semester at AIMS Community College here in Greeley, CO!

For the past few years, I’ve been hired on as a professor, teaching a course for AIMS on Premiere Pro – a very popular professional video editing software – which is also the one we use in our own business.

What kind of teacher is Professor Sickler, you might ask?

I’d like to think that I’m fair – not overly harsh, but also not an “easy A”. I expect that students turn in work on time and I expect it to be their best. However, I can be merciful if there are legitimate circumstances which require a little leniency. If a student seems to be struggling with an assignment, I might give them some ideas to consider, while still requiring that the work be done. Like I said – I consider myself to be a fair teacher.

I do demand at least a pretense of respect – that’s not just for me, that’s also for the student. Can you imagine if all professors treated their students like best friends, and then sent them out into the world to experience that most bosses are not at all like that? And, yet – it happens. When parents or teachers try to be “besties” with their students instead of requiring respect as an authority figure, their adult lives will have a miserable start.

I’m pretty good at giving advice. Whether or not the student takes that advice is up to them.


I’m happy to say that I’ve really enjoyed seeing my students (in previous years) rise to the occasion and show great improvement, and I’m looking forward to that, again, this year!